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Spa Style Luxury from Takara Belmont

Yume Spa is Takara Belmont’s original shampoo treatment which gives clients the ultimate in luxury and comfort, bringing spa-style luxury that enables even high-end salons to upgrade their service offering. Yume Spa is best delivered via the Yume Series Wash Unit and the Spa Mist II processor.

The 2020 KAO Salon Global Experience: A New Virtual Event for Industry Professionals

Each year, stylists and dedicated salon partners have joined Kao Salon Division in one of the world’s most exciting cities, celebrating Goldwell, KMS, Oribe and VARIS – as well as recognising the gold winners of their annual creative competition.

OMC Hairworld 2020: for 1st time in History - free competitors’ registration fees

The COVID-19 pandemic has paralyzed the world, especially our industry. Hoping everyone will come back to normal life as soon as possible, the OMC World President Salvatore Fodera has announced that for the first time in history the OMC Hairworld 2020 competition will eliminate its registration fees.

KAO Salon Division’s proactive global support of the salon industry

Kao Salon Division, home of Goldwell, KMS and Oribe, introduces the Kao Salon Industry Recovery Initiative, a global/local program focused on helping salons recover and rebuild as they emerge from the COVID-19 crisis.

KKR to acquire Majority Stake in Coty Professional Beauty

Coty and KKR signed a Memorandum of Understanding for KKR to acquire a majority stake in Coty’s Professional Beauty and Retail Hair Businesses at a contemplated enterprise value of $4.3 billion.

Kao Salon Division engages consumers in Industry Recovery with “Worth The Wait”

Kao is connecting with consumers who are sorely missing their barbers and hairdressers during COVID-19 forced closures, encouraging them to rethink all desperate DIY fixes, supporting the recovery of the Salon Industry.