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The new Eva Professional collection is inspired by the art of living. Alive wants to convey the feeling of joy that floods us when we experience every new, fulfilling life experience.

Energy: The explosion of energy that characterises life and all we experience in it. This feeling is what fuels our every action.

Freedom: If we are going to make our own decisions and shape our own lives, we must be able to exercise freedom.

Meaning: How do we make sense of our activities; how do we make sense of our life?

Community: Our conscience is radically individual, but our life experience is a shared one. No one lives alone. 

Objective: The purpose we have in our lives; the projects and tasks we take on; the satisfaction that this brings.

Respect: This is, ultimately, the result of what we fight for, in our own lives and also as the legacy we leave to others.


Hair: Shauna O’Loane - James Wallace - Joanne Lee - Simon Preston - Joanna Maxwell
Make-up: Rebecca Mitchell
Styiing: James Wallace
Models: Elise Crolly - Jessi Thompson - Patrice McVeigh - Penny Mok - Sarah Burtch
Photos: Juke Jonathan
Direction: Magda Caruezo - Raquel Torres - Joanna Maxwell - Juke Jonathan

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Posted on 29.08.2019


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