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Hiro Barbieria Milano

Founded in 2014 and based in Bari (Italy), Sen Martin meets the latest needs of the market, creating modern furniture with a vintage soul.
Eight young professionals have converged their passions, giving rise to Sen Martin, a startup company that deals with vintage style furnishing of barber shops. According to Pierluigi Favia, owner of Sen Martin and designer, the choice of the name is in honour of " San Martino de Porres", saint protector of "barbers".

How did the idea of ​​modern furniture with the vintage soul come about?

As an experiment, one day, we changed the features, colors and dimensions of an antique piece of furniture taken from an old barber shop with barber chairs from the 1920's. We created a prototype of furniture that we thought was unfit for the trend of the moment. Instead, the feedbacks were very positive, so we chose the name and decided to launch it on the market.

What distinguishes you from others?

What distinguishes us most of all is the speed and simplicity of transforming an old place into a successful barber shop. With few days dedicated to renovation, the installtion of the furniture in only three hours and a small investment, a 30 sq.m space can be turned into a business activity that attracts and thrills customers.

The speed and the reasonable prices, but also riding the wave of the vintage trend, allowed you to produce and sell hundreds of pieces of furniture throughout Italy in a short time, helping a lot of young people who are opening a new business.

The phenomena is literally exploding: the furniture created in an artisan workshop in Puglia, in addition to being being present in every region of Ital, and having conquered Milan the fashion-capital, with top-class barber shops in via Montenapoleone, such as Barbers for Connoisseurs of Gianantonio Pistersi, and  in P.ta Ticinese, like La Barbieria di Milano of Hiro Vitanza, they are in demand throughout Europe, mainly in Austria and Switzerland, as Sen Martin is a high-quality brand Made in Italy.

Among the latest creations in theme of barber shop furniture?

One of our latest most representative creations was realized in Australia, where a young Italian called Gianfranco Santo strongly desired and made his own Sen Martin philosophy opening the  "Antica Barberia", an Italian style barber shop in the heart of wonderful Sydney.


Did the market performance influence your choices? What are the numbers? 

They probably did. Recently, the spotlight has been on the ancient Italian barber craftsmanship, now considered more and more the job of the moment. From 2013 to today the number of barber shops in Italy has increased by 70% and the professionals in the sector are investing more and more in this new direction. 

In 2015 the man's sector has generated 30% of global sales in the beauty sector, with about 163 million spent for soaps and grooming products and 350 million for perfumes and fragrances with a 2.7 % increase compared to the previous year and with the forecast higher than 8% for 2017 . 

And how is it going today?  
The "barber shop" phenomenon, even in 2017, doesn't seem to fade, but is evolving into new and sophisticated forms. Starting from the care of the body, that is becoming a gratifying and sophisticated experience, thanks to new products like definition gels, balms , softening butters and specific high-quality detergents that introduce new gestures to grooming, along with traditional shaving and the number of talented barbers growing in number all over Italy.

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Posted on 01.08.2017

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