Color Psychology for your salon

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Focus on color of the walls, furnishings and interior of the salon.

In general, the salon must be a warm, comfortable, place where the client is tempted to rest because, as we know, the more he will be, the higher the chances of buying. The environment therefore has to adapt to the type of clientele and make it feel comfortable: if the target is above all young fashion people, the premises will have to be colourful, with trendy and lively décor. If the type of customer is a more sophisticated woman, the salon image must also be the same.

Until many years ago, the choice of color for the walls for hairdressing shops often tended to a single shade, usually very pale. Or even white, matched with black furnishings. There were so many extremely sophisticated and minimalist salons, but definitely aseptic, delivering order and cleanliness but also little personality. Today there is a partial counter-tendency: the more you personalize the salon, it is given individual character and originality, the greater the success. And of course this is also with color, which is increasingly a strategy to be studied with care.

With regard to colors, it should be pointed out that each color has a different effect on our brain and on emotional changes, so we can actually talk about "color psychology". Here's how they affect emotions and moods, and how to use them for the benefit of the salon...

WHITE: The main color of light. Associated with purity, cleanliness, security, peace, innocence, brightness. Perceived as a synonym of perfection. Here we experience a sense of peace.

YELLOW: The color of the sun, communicates positivity and optimism. Stimulates creativity and energy.

ORANGE: Exuberance, fun and vitality, albeit often associated with younger customers. In lighter shades, such as fishing, it spends well with the sphere of health, beauty and even catering.

RED: Color of energy, fire, provocative, great to capture the attention. It can trigger passion, but it can also be a danger. To be careful...

BROWN: The color of the earth, transmits feelings of stability and durability, its shades more clear, close to ocher and brick, are positively associated with something luxurious.

GREEN: Denotes serenity and freshness. Depending on the many nuances it can take on different meanings: the darker and deep ones are usually associated with prestige and wealth, while the lighter ones induce calm and relaxation.

BLUE: A cool color that inspires confidence and safety. It is by no means very much used by financial services.

PURPLE: The right mix between the passion of red and the tranquility of blue, evokes mystery and spirituality. Lavender shades are more prone to romance and nostalgia.

BLACK: It's the color of luxury. Denotes sophistication and sophistication, which is why it is often the distinctive color of expensive products.

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Posted on 31.08.2017

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