Colour Project Collection

Colour Project Collection

The first Fellowship collection of 2017 is complete and ready for the world to see! The Colour Project created their ‘Disillusioned’ collection back in March at Jack Eames’s studio in Shoreditch after weeks and weeks of trend spotting and planning.

Photographing the collection was Jack Eames, with Bernard Connolly on styling and Kerry Sadler on make-up. Guiding the team through every step, working through their ideas and being an extra pair of hands during prep was the team’s mentor Chris Williams and Rush’s editorial director Tina Farey. With this dream team on hand to art direct, gorgeous hair and beautiful images were created for the team to treasure for years to come.

‘Disillusioned’ draws on all the hot trends and techniques in the industry at the moment, whilst remaining fluently artistic and exuding individuality. Influenced by model Fernanda Ly, the collection is grungy yet feminine, with soft pastel shades working together with natural textured finishes to create the perfect mix of innocence and deviance. It’s ultimately a modern take on 90’s grunge with a cool, contemporary and effortless feel.

I love our collection!” says team member Nicola Dow from Urban Hair and Beauty Highhouse, “we went for a ‘commercial filth’ feel and it turned out perfectly. It was an amazing day – I have never experienced anything like it!
The collection has come out wonderfully,” says Chris, “everyone should be really proud of what they have created. It was great to see them all working together and becoming a team!

The Colour Project Team 2017 is:

- Samantha Maris from Baroque
- Ludmila Kurockina from Ludmila Salon
- Amy Doyle from Martha Pountain Hair
- Andrew Plester from Rush Hair,
- Cydney Hodgkinson from Ben Brown
- Clare Pearson from Pearson & Devine Hair
- Heather Shaw from Francesco Group
- Nicola Dow from Urban Hair and Beauty Highhouse
- Jesse Martin from Smiths Hairdressers
- Vaida Urbaite from Beauty Lounge Green
- Natalie Allen from Harvey Luke Hair
- Helen Turner from Francesco Group

Hair: Fellowship’s Colour Project Team 2017
Photo: Jack Eames
Make-up: Kerry Sadler
Styling: Bernard Connolly

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Posted on 06.07.2017

Colour Project Collection

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