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Cyborg men

Cyborg men

Science fiction has long been a reality: cyborgs exist and are recognised beings - half human, half machine - optimised beings! Powerful, technically upgraded bodies with microchips, sensors and implants to sharpen all senses and develop new ones.

The Cyborg Men collection by kpO shows creations that defy the fashion mainstream: Hybrid Warriors' Transformer 2.0  and Trending Terminator with buzz-cuts! ial style evolution.

Hair: Klaus Peter Ochs
Artistic Team: Davide Carsidona, Lisa Raab and Vanessa Schwebel
Stylist: Mickael Komer and Elmarie Lignier / Paris
Make-up: Florent Pellet, Paris
Photo: Laurence Laborie / Paris and Studio Zajaczek / Hamburg
Concept + Production: Elmarie Lignier / Paris
Artwork + Design: Studio Zajaczek / Hamburg
Web development: Viviana Menzel –
Dr. Menzel IT / Langgöns
Text: Petra Weinzierl / Hamburg

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Posted on 12.08.2019

Cyborg men

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