Daga by Amparo Fernandez

Hair: Amparo Fernandez @ La Pelu-Amparo Fernandez | Photo: Rebeca Sary | Styling: La Condesa | Makeup: Trini F. Silva

Behind Daga Collection we find a refined haircutting technique, with meticulous work on the silhouette’s figure and voluminous shapes that culminate through supreme coloration. This emphasizes the make-up and the very important statement lip, that they defined as metal lip.

Daga is styled by La Condesa, haute fashion Spanish firm, which is carefully crafted with rich fabrics composed of fine threads majestically woven together. The Spanish artisanal philosophy fits perfectly with the techniques utilized in the DAGA Collection.

Hair: Amparo Fernandez @ La Pelu-Amparo Fernandez
Photo: Rebeca Sary
Styling: La Condesa
Makeup: Trini F. Silva

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Posted on 19.12.2017

Daga by Amparo Fernandez

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