Echar Pila by Michaela Campbell |

Echar Pila by Michaela Campbell

Echar Pila

Echar Pila means 'flirting' in Cuban. The inspiration of the Michaela Campbell's latest collection are vintage looks from Cuban cinema.

“I found a copy of Vogue from 1990 in a second-hand shop for fifty cents and inside there was a fantastic image of Linda Evangelista,” explains Michaela. “It was so beautiful and seemed to radiate heat. That photo also give me inspiration which led me to the creation of my 'Echar Pila' collection of commercial hair looks that clients can easily look after themselves between salon visits.”

Hair: Michaela Campbell
Makeup: Abbie Gardiner
Styling: Kari Donaldson
Photos: Fiona Quinn

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Posted on 08.08.2019

Echar Pila

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