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Fallayage: blending in with autumn

Those who doubted the longevitiy of balayage are in for a surprise: the hair trend for autumn/winter 2018 with the colours of falling leaves is aptly dubbed Fallayage.



Un post condiviso da Mario e Tamara (@lamaisondellabellezza_hair) in data:

In the beauty universe there are many ways of playing with words, with the fusion of two terms like Fallayage that combines the word “Fall” and Balayage, for which hairdressers need no explanation. Fallyage hair blends in with autumn hues, including chestnut, dark blond, and reds typical of the foliage that surrounds us during these melancholy days full of poetry.  

Fallayage hair is the darker version of the sunnier and more classic Balayage, but obviously there is not official palette of the tones it may assume. And above all, it offers the freedom of choice in the degree of contrast preferred between the nuances one chooses to sport.


Un post condiviso da Ljiljana Lilly Cujan (@fs.esperanza) in data:

This example of Fallayage is among the more subtle ones, because it offers an alternation between very similar hues: we are at the limits of full caramel colour, with a slightly lighter shade near the tips. The blending is almost imperceptible, but effective. And the result is a discreet colour that it truly elegant.

Fallayage hair expresses the most on the lengths below the shoulder, better still if there are soft curls that lend the volume to the balayage effect. However, even a super-trendy lob can work well with fall colours, like in this example from Instagram.


Un post condiviso da Ph2 Hairdressing (@ph2hairdressing) in data:

The roots are very dark while the lengths of this classic long bob are characterised by a chocolate hue that blends into a caramel to end with a honey blond, that is definitely sunnier. Even during the summer months, it would not be out of place.

Here is an intensely contrasted colour, a Fallayage type of hair that captures all the colours of autumn foliage, without missing even one shade.


Un post condiviso da Sage Tryall Salon (@sagetryallsalon) in data:

In spite of the numerous nuances shown, the subtlety of the alternating colours must be emphasizes: in this head of hair that passes from mahogany red, to chocolate brown to blaze into blonde at the tips, it is difficult to see that it is just one colouring process. There is a red, a brown, and a blonde. Undoubtedly one of the best examples of Fallayage around because the secret of this mix lies precisely in showing clear-cut and striking colours, while concealing the “seams” between the different tints. The trick is there… but is should be invisible!

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Posted on 11.12.2017

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