Feminine Futuristic Punk

Hair: Damien Johnston @ Salon Pure Color: Emma Burchett / Assistant/Styling: Samantha Irwin / Photo: Glenn Norwood / Makeup: Trazanne Mccready

Juxtaposition is always alluring. In this hair collection beauty is set in a minimalist frame and attitude comes from the powerful hair reminiscent of punk, but strategically cut to create two to three textures per model.

The color embraces a bold femininity through a strong application of color contouring, creating depth through shadow and volume with soft feathering of lighter colors.

Hair: Damien Johnston @ Salon Pure
Color: Emma Burchett 
Assistant/Styling: Samantha Irwin 
Photo: Glenn Norwood 
Makeup: Trazanne Mccready

Tags: damien johnston punk hair

Posted on 13.11.2017

Feminine Futuristic Punk By Damien Johnston

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