Glossy Girl's haircut tutorial |

Glossy Girl’s haircut tutorial


A medium line proposed by Luigi Martini for Sens.ùs. With a sensual allure that can be enhanced with a smooth brushing but also in the Curly Volume version, in full Glossy Girl style.

1- Prepare the hair using Illumyna Illumy-light. Start from the outer corner of the eye on both sides and mark out a triangular fringe section.

2/3- From the outer corner of the eye on both sides, mark out a trapezium-shaped section at the top of the head with the internal base at the height of the crown. Divide the top area into two sections with a central line.4- Comb the back perimeter section in natural fall and cut in a straight line along the shoulders with flat blade scissors.

5- Elevate the parietal section 0° and bring it over to the front. Cut the section on a back diagonal, taking the chin as the initial reference length. Connect to the perimeter. Repeat on the opposite side.

6- Elevate a central back guideline 45° and cut in a straight line with flat blade scissors. Cut each back section on itself referring to the guideline.

7- Let the hair in the top area down and connect the section at 45° using the central back guideline as a reference.

8/9- Cut every back section over the previous one using the same technique. Carry the entire side section over the last section behind the ear and cut it with the same technique.10- Start again from the top central guideline and elevate it 90°. Cut the strand slightly diagonally outwards. Cut every top section over the previous one using the same technique until the ear.

11- Carry the entire top side section over the last section behind the ear and cut it with the same technique. Repeat on the opposite side.12- Let the fringe area down and cut a first central section using the eye as the reference length.

13- Cut the side sections of the fringe diagonally outwards. Once the haircut is complete, apply Thermo Repair Milk and brush straight. For a wavy effect, use Daily Repair Leave In mixed with Lift Volume Fluid.

Artistic Direction & concept: Luigi Martini for Sens.ùs
Creative Direction: Gian Enrico Barbagli for Sens.ùs
Hair: Luigi Martini & International Creative Team for Sens.ùs
Photo: Mauro Mancioppi
Make-up: Raffaella Tabanelli
Styling: Luca Termine

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Posted on 07.01.2019

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