Identity by Laetitia Guenaou

Laetitia Guenaou fall winter 2018

Multiple, unique, versatile. A woman draws her power from a garment, from a hairstyles, a jewel, to be what she desires whenerver she desires.

Identity is a decision, the hairstylist is the link.

Hair: Laetitia Guenaou
Photo: Jacek Ura
Assistants: Agata Kociolek & Dariusz Sochacki, Margy Lyubomirova
Makeup: Karolina Supernak
Stylist: Weronika Wysoczynska
Fashion Designers: Blanka Kabara, Paulina Mrożek i Idea Fix, Joanna Organiściak, Anna Pietrowicz, Eliza Sol, Sandra Stachura
Products: L'Oréal Professionnel

Tags: laetitia guenaou haircollection

Posted on 28.06.2017

Identity by Laetitia Guenaou

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