Instacolor by Gerry Santoro for Vitality’s |

Instacolor by Gerry Santoro for Vitality’s

Instacolor by Gerry Santoro for Vitality’s

Colours that speak of emotions. Colours with roots that delve into our personal and cultural experiences. Colours that interpret one's very being. By Gerry Santoro for Vitality’s.

Select the colour that best represents your own personality. The one that more than any other speaks to us. But why do we prefer one colour over another? It can be explained thanks to the psychology of colour, the source of inspiration of the Instacolor collection by Gerry Santoro for Vitality’s.
The classic Mediterranean brunette is embellished with metallic tones, from copper to bronze, even pewter. And then thin shades of sky blue and wisteria. The effect? Volumizing and illuminating.
Violet is among the protagonists of Vitality’s Instacolor collection. Between sacred and profane, it evokes sensuality (dark purple) and spirituality (pale violet). The result? The depth of the base intertwines with the two delicate shades of pink and violet.

Infinite shades of blue capable of exalting, harmonising and emphasising the line of any cut with imagination.Jacaranda highlights enliven the dark brown bob.

Hair: Gerry Santoro for Vitality’s
Art Direction: Cento per Cento
Styling: Barbara Bartolini
Make up: Grazia Riverditi
Photo: Fabio Leidi

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Posted on 28.09.2018

Instacolor by Gerry Santoro for Vitality’s

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