Hair: Tereza Larišová, Veronika Sušilová | Photo: Lukáš Dohnal | Makeup: Jana Darmovzalová | Styling: Veronika Metz | Supervision: Tereza Larišová

Underground By Bomton Studios

Underground. Second culture. Entities breaking out of the mainstream. We meet them every day. In the means of public transport, in the streets, in clubs.

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New Personalised

A fashionable taste for an elegant and feminine fashion, stylish and personalised, classy and timeless.


Change is inspired by French artist JR ( who exhibits across the globe. JR’s work encouraged Allilon Education Team to create a bold collection inspired by a celebration of humanity and the traits that unite us as individuals.


Imagination will take you everywhere... the sky's the limit! Discover an awe-inspiring set of hair art masterpieces created by a true artist, Jose Garcia @ Kumenhair in Valencia, Spain.

Lost & Found By Bert De Zeeuw

Hair is embellished with brushstrokes of color to accentuate its individuality.

Organism Emergence

Hi-tech, organic and super-charged, full of energy and echoing with outstanding textures and chromatic vibrations.