Aftermath by Jamie Furlan @ Xiang Hair

Aftermath by Jamie Furlan @ Xiang Hair

'Aftermath' recounts how humans have contributed to the destruction of our planet.

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Pure Heroine by Adam Isles @ Rokk Ebony

The natural landscape is the source of inspiration for the Pure Heroine collection, a metamorphosis from the essence of the '90s.

Whimsical Taste by Eric Zemmour

Structured waves can be a powerful tool for turning heads.

Desert Rose by Jasmine Heckenberg @ Sfumato Hair

Beautiful, powerful and feminine, but also mysterious.

Metropolitan Orient by Go Coppola

Clean cuts ascending into exquisite braids and buns: the Go Coppola 2016 collection is inspired by a mix of sumptuous style and the trends of the 90s.

Desert Space by Blue Tit London

This collection was a chance for the Blue Tit team to express themselves individually.