Hair: René Furterer Paris Artistic Team  Art Direction Beauty: Gregory Kaoua / Ben Wrobel  Photos: Greg Conraux  Make-up: Julie Nozières  Products: René Furterer  Art Direction : Seven Creativity & Consulting Ltd (London)

Hair Dynamics

Contemporary shades, from rose gold to silver, are flanked by clean lines and soft styling.

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Determined, combative women showing up graphic cuts and conquering colors.


‘Embrace’ was inspired by individuality, strong colors and bold shapes that set the standard for embracing who you are and owning your look.

Instacolor by Gerry Santoro for Vitality’s

Colours that speak of emotions. Colours with roots that delve into our personal and cultural experiences. Colours that interpret one's very being. By Gerry Santoro for Vitality’s.


The #Community collection is a free interpretation of female beauty.


Control is power, and with this collection Paul Stafford wanted to show how using tools and techniques you can manipulate and manage hair into the forms and shapes you choose.