New L’Oréal Research Centre


A brand new space covering a surface area of 25 thousand square metres for a total cost of 100 million euro.

Designed according to the latest environmental standards now in force – an element that has qualified for the highest level of certification – this new Centre can host 500 research experts assigned to pursue development objectives.

For Jean Paul Agon, General Manager of the L’Oréal Group, the birth of this facility fulfils various objectives and needs. Above all, it enables the Group's research efforts to be concentrated and optimised in one place, thereby becoming a reference point for the other five research centres worldwide. Furthermore, boosting research with more than 700 million euros as an annual investment means maintaining the company on track when it comes to strategic innovations.

Agon observed: “In a sector where the supply continues to multiply, the difference lies precisely in the contribution of top technological quality. By true groundbreaking innovations.”

The latest of these is ODS, which is the basis of the new INOA color formula. With a strong position in the colour segment, the L'Oréal Group relies on scientific development to take the lead in the treatment segment with the consequential opening of new markets. "We still have the postential to conquer one billion consumers worldwide," concluded Jean Paul Agon.

Posted on 04.04.2012

L’Oréal Research Centre

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