Sens.ùs Inspiration Days Barcelona 2019 |

Sens.ùs Inspiration Days Barcelona 2019

Sens.ùs Inspiration Days Barcelona 2019

The Inspiration Days by Sens.ùs just ended. Barcelona was the venue for the launch of Groove, the new A/W 19/20 collection. Watch the video of the show:


The Inspiration Days 2019 event was a huge success, having taken place this year in one of the most famous hotels in the world, the W Barcelona. The high point was obviously the launch of Groove, the new Sens.ùs collection, signed by Art Director Luigi Martini together with the International Creative Team.

Following the suggestive sunset dinner against the background of the Barcelona seaside and a special toast in the company of the evening’s stars, the spotlights shone on the hotel hall where the show was held, featuring an enormous glass window overlooking the night-time skyline of Barcelona. The stars were the new cut&colour fashion trends, inspired by the proposals launched on leading international designer runways. 


With the Groove Collection, Luigi Martini and his team delve into the charm of the nocturnal world and the subcultures of youth that on one hand communicate the desire to stand out and be noticed, but on the other laud femininity and the courage to be oneself. Its motto? #Glamourizing, because every woman must feel beautiful with whatever she decides to wear. 

Whether with cropped cuts or longer lengths, it’s actually colour that steals the show. Eden green, galaxy blue, magenta - but even pearl grey and nude pink. These are the nuances of the woman who decides to wear Groove are designed for women with strong personalities, but are also easily adaptable for salon and commercial interpretations.

"I don't want to represent an aggressive image. Rather, I was interested in experimenting with a light-hearted approach and the carefreeness of the 90’s/2000," explained Luigi Martini. "Even the darkest part, with the contrasts of fluo hues, is a craving for lighter, more fun times." The result? A collection that is dynamic, energetic and with a high impact.


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Posted on 12.07.2019

Inspiration Days by Sens.ùs - Barcellona 2019

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