Shiseido Professional

Shiseido Professional

Tender loving care for hair - this is what we can offer our crowning glory, thanks to new protective and repair products by brand leader Shiseido Professional.

If you think about what our hair is subjected to on a daily basis, it's a miracle that it ever looks even presentable, never mind beautiful! Extremes of heat and cold, pollution, chemical treatments like perms and colouring, and the daily aggression of simply styling - these all contribute to the weakening of hair fibre, loss of moisture and reduced pigment and elasticity.

But Shiseido Professional have made haircare and beauty their mission, and so are constantly working to create new products and solutions to such problems. This season, salons have the chance to try out two more product ranges by the brand (launched across Asia in October 2016 and January 2017) both focused on different problem areas but with the same objective - to improve haircare and beauty.


It's no secret that the basic key to all beauty is water - hydration represents the founding stone of all beauty and wellness treatments. So it's no surprise that Shiseido Professional have based a complete range on the miracle properties of this element. The Hair Care Aqua Intensive line revolves around two main products - a leave-in oil (in two versions) and a shampoo.

Enhanced with Lasting Veil Technology to combat the two biggest oil problems (dryness and unmanageable volume), the Oil Unlimited Silk provides a lightweight finish while Oil Unlimited Velvet offers rich glossy sheen, both with long-lasting results and a pleasant floral fragrance. The first enjoys the moisturising benefits of Royal Jelly Extract and Glycerin, with the second oil relying on the properties of Evening Primrose Oil for its intense moisturizing effect.

Meanwhile, the effect of the light shampoo formula is boosted by the range's own innovative Acqua Mimic Technology - a compound consisting of Royal Jelly Extract and a moisture component, to restore all water levels to maximum health for a beautiful, lively head of hair


No matter how much we take care of our hair in terms of products, treatments or even diet, the constant demands we make of it are bound to take their toll. Two of the biggest contributors to this aggression are perming and colouring, essential services in the hairdressing industry. But now Shiseido Professional provide a solution in the form of the Salon Program, enabling even the most damaged and fragile hair to undergo chemical treatments.

This product and service range is divided into three problem-shooting categories, all based on the cutting edge technology of “Intense Triplex”. This innovative complex works on the structural properties of hair and protein change to combat the three main causes of hair problems: loss of resilience (due to alpha helix damage), CMC uneven thickness (necessary to repair for even penetration of chemicals), and reduced cysteine bonds (which lead to weak and fragile hair). The complex swiftly and efficiently reverses this damage, leaving hair healthy with enhanced colour and perm results, and requiring negligible extra salon time for application.

The program consists of three sectors - the Hair Colour Program, the Cold Perm Program and the Hot Perm Program - each providing full care and protection to hair but requiring just a mere five minutes extra in terms of salon work. The range is comprehensive with a full line of products including Scalp Protector (to prepare the scalp), Pre-Lotions (for protection and moisturizing during either type of chemical treatment), Pre-Gel (for heat defence), Pre Care Essence (for intensive repair and preparation of hair for even chemical absorption), After Care Essence (for pH control), Treatment (to hydrate damaged hair and guarantee long-lasting results), and Shampoo.

All the products enjoy a pleasant fragrance, unlike traditional harsh colour and perm solution odours, for an optimum salon experience. Launched across Japan in October 2016 and the rest of Asia in January 2017 these repair and protection products in cheerful and eyecatching red and dark gray packaging will ensure greater chances for creativity by stylists as they work, safe in the knowledge that their clients' hair is being given the ultimate protection thanks to Shiseido Professional technology.

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Posted on 27.11.2016

Shiseido Professional

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