The new Revlon Professional Design Collection

The new Revlon Professional Design Collection

For Fall-Winter 2017, Revlon Professional® dares to take minimalism to a new extreme with a collection inspired by simplicity of natural geometries, without compromising on versatility.

In a world that is increasingly hurried and complex, Revlon Professional® is returning to the essence of simple beauty that draws its inspiration from the linear geometrics of nature and the light and energy of pure pigments while chanting a new mantra that reminds us “Less is even less, but means much more”.

The spectacular world of white –  the sum of all the colors on the spectrum of light – takes on cool, cream, or golden tones in multifunctional, rectilinear cuts that make it possible to innovative yet precise finishes with even the slightest change in direction. Then they added a touch of green for a sense of natural exuberance and the essence of something sublime that reconnects us with a more tangible world. For today’s woman who is seeking clarity, even transparency, as well as functional comfort and elegance, this collection offers the ultimate alternative. 

The three variations on this theme offer a multitude of options. The Luxurious Gold look embraces golden shades to near-white neutrals, reaching perfection when the cut and styling emphasises burgeoning bangs and straight lines for simple movement. Greenery pays homage to the most acclaimed color of 2017 and Mother Earth herself. Simplicity and subtle details are key here, creating a look that is both back-to-nature yet futuristic. Blonde goes extreme with Cool White, to highlight the daringly essential in a deceptively dynamic style for exquisite transparency and authenticity.

Once again, Revlon Professional® succeeds in blending artistry, couture, and everyday living to create original finishes with products and coloring techniques that are as cutting-edge as they are respectful.

Revlon Professional® Design Collection
Artistic and Creative Direction: Miquel García Cotado
Photo: Jonas Bresnan
Production: Magna Productions

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Posted on 03.10.2017

La Design Collection 2017 di Revlon Professional®

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