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The show by Dmitry Vinokurov

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Location: Assisi. Guests: 600 hairdressers from all over Italy. Event: Neon light, Feel the Beat. Organisation: Hair Beauty. Star on stage: Dmitry Vinokurov, the Russian stylist of world renown and among the most important artists for Wella.

The happening took place at the Lyrick Theatre where Dmitry presented a new collection with a spectacular show. Eighteen models took to the stage for an innovative combination of cut, colour, and styling. But Vinokurov took everything even further by creating true works of art.

“It is the transformation of the role of the hairdresser,” explains Vinokurov, “who acquires a higher status and becomes a 'hair architect'”. And on the stage he also presented his cutting innovations, describing the techniques used and aiming at naturalness and hair health.

Alessio Alberti, CEO of Wella Italia-division professional Procter & Gamble commented, “Dmitry is a great master, an eclectic stylist who represents the transformation and emancipation of the concept of hairdressing. Introducing this to our team of hairdressers enabled us to convey new stimuli and ideas, and give them and our company a boost of energy and inspiration for personal and professional growth.”

Photo: Simone Rossi

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Posted on 04.03.2014

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