Time of Glam it Up with Zaremba International Academy & Hairdreams

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Top stylist, Joanna Zaremba-Wanczura, from Poland’s Zaremba International Academy presents "Amazing Profundity" – a glamorous, artistic updo  collection created exclusively with Hairdreams 100% premium real hair.

Joanna Zaremba-Wanczura, from Zaremba International Academy, is considered one of Poland’s top stylists. She has been working with Hairdreams, the leading brand of hair lengthening and thickening, for many years as a partner and stylist. Her latest hair collection, "Amazing Profundity“ was created exclusively with Hairdreams hair.

Zaremba-Wanczura was inspired by the profoundness of femininity and the female soul, thus creating stunning, spectacular updos for the collection reflecting the underlying depths of the female soul and the beauty of the female body. The updo styles feature expressive, mysterious variances and textures of elegance and dramatic glam!

In order to create the necessary length and volume required for such elaborate updos, Zaremba-Wanczura lengthened and thickened the models‘ own hair with Hairdreams hair. She used the Laserbeamer NANO method, where five Hairdreams hair strands are automatically integrated into one’s own hair in  just one easy step. In record time, the NANO allows for longer, voluminous styles instantly.

This is a huge opportunity to create updos, not just for photo shoots, but also when styling for holiday or formal events at a Hairdreams-Partner-Salon in a fraction of time! Whether the look is classic elegant, glamourous or extravagant, using the Laserbeamer NANO is perfect to achieve every client’s dream hair style.

Photo credit: Zaremba International Academy

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Posted on 04.04.2017

Time of Glam it Up with Zaremba International Academy & Hairdreams

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