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Yuki Onna

Hair: Ziortza Zarauza @ Centro Beta/Photo: David Arnal/Make-up: De María/Retouch: Javier Villalabeitia7Styling: Centro Beta/Extensions: Elegance Hair Extensions

In Japanese mythology, Yuki-Onna is "the Lady of the Snow". There are many stories about this magical spirit that is represented as a tall, beautiful and serene woman with long hair. It usually appears in the forests during the snowy nights floating, leaving no trace.

Legends tell that Yuki-Onna can be a ruthless spirit or show her kinder face, thus representing duality – good and evil. "I have created four images in which I represent four of her faces: beauty, strength, life and the control of her destiny," explains Ziortza Zarauza.

Hair: Ziortza Zarauza @ Centro Beta
Photo: David Arnal
Make-up: De María
Retouch: Javier Villalabeitia
Styling: Centro Beta
Extensions: Elegance Hair Extensions

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Posted on 14.03.2019

Yuki Onna by Ziortza Zarauza

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