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Turn Up

Coppery and warm nuances are flanked by metallic and sparkling shades

Recreate Lady Gaga's Blue Do!

Fudge Professional has the perfect colour product combo to easily recreate Lady Gaga's fabulous ball-worthy blue up-do, which she so gracefully sported at this year's Golden Globe Awards.

Color in Hi-Res

Depth, dimension, direction and texture are all taken to the extremes of perfection

Mermaid Hair

Inspired by the shades of the ocean, this hair trend continues to be on top. With a thousand shade of blue (but not only), it takes inspiration from the world of fairytales and evokes the colours of nature, from the blue of the ocean to the green of marine algae, passing through pale pink a pastel violet.

Vivacious by Frontlook

Vivid, vivacious and easy-to-wear styles in this magnetic collection by Frontlook.