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Color Psychology for your salon

Focus on color of the walls, furnishings and interior of the salon.

S J Forbes New Interior in Egham

S J Forbes has unveiled its stunning interior design.

Vintage Salon

A French salon that merges elements of past eras for an incredibly contemporary result.

Design in salon

The proposal for space and design in the Zolton salon. Directly from the United States.

Design di recupero. Fascino antico in salone

Dal Regno Unito la proposta del salone Sally Montague Hair Group. Dove passato e presente si alternano.

Fairytale salon in Flanders

Surreal and exclusive atmosphere for Steff’s salon in Bertem near Brussels. Offering hairdressing services, a bar-bistro and accessory/jewellery boutique. 

Multi-tasking salons

It’s London’s hottest new location – Hurwundeki, a perfect hair salon restaurant combo. Whilst New York goes crazy for salon-cum-lounge bars.