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Toronto 2018: Global Zoom paints the town... orange!

For the first time in the history of Color Zoom -  Goldwell's prestigious international hair competition - the 2018 Global Zoom event held this week in Toronto, Canada saw all three categories scooped by not only the same country, but by the same salon in the same town! 

The Goldwell Color Zoom ‘19 Collection to be Unveiled in Toronto

On September 29th, 2018, thousands of stylists from around the world will gather at the annual Goldwell/KMS Global Zoom World Artistic Event, which will be held this year in Toronto, Canada.

Global Zoom Event 2017

Oltre 3 mila sono i parrucchieri attesi al Global Zoom Event 17 di Goldwell che si terrà a Barcellona dal 7 al 9 ottobre 2017.

Color Zoom 2014 by Goldwell

Dopo la recente presentazione della nuova brand image, Goldwell continua il suo anno d’oro con l’annuncio a Berlino dei tre vincitori Global Color Zoom 2014 a Berlino.

Berlin celebrates Color Zoom 2014

Goldwell continues full speed ahead after unveiling its stunning new brand image by crowning the three Global Color Zoom Competition Winners for 2014 in Berlin.