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5 top tips for the perfect graduation cut

Graduation is a great way to add interest to a haircut, especially shorter styles, because the variance in weight can be used to create cool shapes and accents. Andrew Carruthers, Education Director for Sam Villa, says there are 5 things to think about in order to execute graduation correctly.

Get the Look! Rowan Blanchard’s NEW Haircut by Celebrity Stylist Laurie Heaps

Actress Rowan Blanchard unveiled her new haircut by celebrity hairstylist Laurie Heaps, cutting off a total of 9 inches! Learn HOW TO get the look!

Step by step by Schwarzkopf Professional

As the vintage trend dictates, hair is long on top and held in place with a gel that gives a wet-look effect.

Step by Step Fudge Professional

The short haircut, already exasperated by a bold cut, becomes futuristic with a point that borders on the blond silvery gray.

Real-time 2015: haircut & treatment

Contaminazioni, arte, moda, spettacolo, musica. Tutto questo è stato Real-time 2015, haircut & treatment organizzato a Cagliari da My Company Concept, partner Jean Paul Mynè.