Angelo Seminara talks about fashion and and Estetica |

Angelo Seminara talks about fashion and and Estetica

Angelo Seminara talks about fashion and and Estetica

In anticipation of the Estetica Master Parade, on 23rd October in Milan, Angelo Seminara, Davines Artistic Director, talks about his relationship with Milan, fashion and Estetica: his first photo shoot 20 years ago was published by Estetica.

On the 23 rd of October 2016 in Milan, Angelo Seminara, Davines Artistic Director, will be one of the starts of Estetica Master Parade, together with another 5 hairstylists of global renown. We asked him about his relationship with the city of Milan, as well as with Estetica..

What is your relationship with Milan and with Italian fashion?

Although I am based in London, I have been working in Milan for more than 20 years. This city has become my second home, together with Paris and New York. In terms of fashion, clothes, and architecture, Milan is second to none.

Your favourite fashion designer?

My favourite stylists are Dolce&Gabbana, not only because I have worked on their collections for over fifteen years, but also because they represent Italian fashion, combining northern culture with that of southern Italy. Stefano and Domenico are truly extraordinary people and have been representing Italian fashion for the past 20 years.

Could you share a memory of Estetica with us on our year of celebrating with you its fist 70 years in Milan.

My absolute first photo shoot was published more than 20 years again in Estetica in a 20-page article on the history of men's hairdressing. I must have been 17 or 18 years old. This shoot was such a success that ten years later you could still find my photographs in many barber shops worldwide.

I have had the opportunity to collaborate with Estetica for more than 20 years and for me the magazine is equivalent to Vogue in the world of hair magazines. Estetica embodies everything and accurately presents the spirit of the moment in the coiffure sector. But is also gives an idea of what the future holds, thanks to constant research and the efforts of their incredible team. It’s the only hair magazine in the world that you can find in all countries.

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Pubblicato il 30.09.2016

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