EsteticaDesign. The Special 10th Anniversary issue is now available! |

EsteticaDesign. The Special 10th Anniversary issue is now available!

Estetica Design 2014

To celebrate ten years of publication that have brought the best of concepts, furnishing, technological innovations to the entire world.

Once again we are not alone in celebrating this anniversary. In the editorial philosophy that has always distinguished ED since its birth - informing but also promoting culture, enhancing our hair universe - we do it with the best of salons, companies, hairdressers, and architects who have collaborated with us during these years. In selecting these 56 salons, representing 27 countries, we are absolutely astonished at how much the value of design in spaces dedicated to beauty has grown. A significant achievement that benefits the entire sector and that we wanted to celebrate together with you. Happy birthday, EsteticaDesign!

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Pubblicato il 01.04.2014

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