Hidden rainbow hair is ideal for those who want to enter the world of multiple colours but do not have the courage or inclination to rainbow-dye their entire head.

Check out #hiddenrainbowhair and discover to your amazement what this fun yet beautiful hair trend truly represents. There are two types of colour client - those who has already decided what they want and those who are more hesitant about trying something really off the wall or even vergining on the drastic. The answer is to add the colour, tone-on-tone,from the subtly natural through to the full-on rainbow experience!

True, there are some #hashtags trending on social media that take multi-layered hair colour to a whole new extravagant dimension – check out #mermaidhair and #rainbowhair or, for the really adventurous there's #unicornhair. However, the beauty and versatility of #hiddenrainbowhair is that the client can choose when to show the colour - ideal for those who want to have a "double identity".

See our gallery below for 15 inspirational ideas from the beautiful world of #hiddenrainbowhair

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Pubblicato il 14.02.2018

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