Luna By Damien Johnston & Emma Burchett |

Luna By Damien Johnston & Emma Burchett

Luna By Damien Johnston & Emma Burchett

Luna is about individuality inspired by real people, showcasing clean lines, strong shapes with areas of playful texture to create these Sci-fi inspired looks. This collection focuses on modernizing looks but maintaining strong femininity.

The color palette is inspired by the night with its many shades of blue, black and the icy white moon, named after Luna, the roman goddess of the moon who’s name derived from the Latin word 'lucere' meaning to shine... which is the perfect word to describe these strong females.

Cut: Damien Johnston @ Pure, Belfast
Color: Emma Burchett 
Assistant: Samantha Irwin 
Photos: Glenn Norwood - Sarah Jayne Tracey 
Makeup: Melissa Elliot 
Styling and Clothing Design: Chloe Dougan

Tags: hair collection damien johnston

Pubblicato il 22.04.2017

Luna By Damien Johnston & Emma Burchett

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