Paul Mitchell Global Gathering 2017 Closes with Grand Finale Show |

Paul Mitchell Global Gathering 2017 Closes with Grand Finale Show

Paul Mitchell Global Gathering 2017 Closes with Grand Finale Show

Two days of main-stage presentations, business coaching, hands-on support, creative inspiration and international networking are brought to a spectacular conclusion with a Grand Finale Show inspired by the Power of The Brand.

"Any brand can be made sexy in the right hands," declared creative guru and consummate showman, Robert Cromeans on several occasions during the course of John Paul Mitchell's two-day annual Gathering in Sardinia. It was a claim that was proven to be true in every sense imaginable when, for the Grand Finale show, over one hundred creative hair artists, stylists and make-up artists united to interpret 10 of the most iconic and well-known brands of modern times:

The Power of the Brand

General Electric - metres of electrified tulle in absolute white: the power of light;
Apple - mirrored digitally-enhanced silver: the power of communication;
FedEx - orange and purple cardboard packaging: the power of logistics;
Instagram - tri-colour hair-up delivering the selfie to the world: the power of the image maker;
Tequila Patròn - purity and transparency with inner strength and bite: the power of spirit
Red Bull - stamina and determination: the power of energy;
IKEA - plastic and fabric contrasts accentuated in yellow and blue: the power of design;
Michelin - hit the road in padded jackets and boots reminiscent of the classic Michelin Man: the power of movement;
McDonalds - Miss Ronnie meets Ronald McDonald! Any brand can be sexy in the hands of creative people: the power of advertising;
Paul Mitchell - Raising the standards of hairdressing: the power global family!

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Paul Mitchell Global Gathering 2017 - Day 3

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