Hair Piercing: Jewellery For Your Hair

Hair Piercing: Jewellery For Your Hair

Hair Piercing is a classic example of how centuries-old traditions can emerge as a bang on-trend fashion statement. The hashtag #tribalchic describes the 'hair with embellishments' concept - hot news on Instagram.

A growing trend on Instagram is that of Hair Piercing, or adding jewellery to your hairdo. In this way braids and updos are enhanced with jewels, mostly silver rings, enriched with little stars, pendants, and charms for good luck… This trend seems to be a nod to tribal culture, but in a more sophisticated way: #tribalchic to be more precise.

Piercings in hair came back in style after Ariana Grande flaunted them during her tour: small metallic rings were arranged in her XXL ponytail. 

How to where them? Hair piercings all a perfect tribal-chic touch to braids and cornrowing. But they can also embellish ponytails and chignons...

These and other inspirational ideas can be found at #hairpiercing in the gallery. And take a look to see how to use jewellery in men’s hair looks!

Hair Piercing, jewellery for your hair!

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Pubblicato il 07.02.2018

Hair Piercing: Jewellery For Your Hair

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