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Q&A at Global Gathering ‘15!


For the first time ever Paul Mitchell held its annual Global Gathering on European turf. Madrid was the destination for vistors from across the world and the event included a special "invitation only" close-up session with the press.

It was a dream panel of JPMS experts who opened their hearts and minds to an audience from the international press in an expression of deep passion for the brands they love. On-stage were (left to right): Lucie Doughty, Editorial Director; Jason Yates, Vice-President, Sales and Marketing; v, Vice President for Education and Artistic Director; John Paul DeJoria, CEO and President; Robert Cromeans, Global Artistic Director and Takashi Kitamura, Global Director of Motion and Film.

What is the biggest challenge facing the Paul Mitchell brand at the present time?
(John Paul DeJoria) We see every challenge as an opportunity! Our biggest challenge is essentially an on-going one - to make sure every territory in the world where we are represented gets exactly what they need from us on a customised, bespoke country-to-country basis.

What do you envisage as being the top hair trends in cut and colour for 2016?
(Robert Cromeans) For colour I foresee two distinct trends - they're already growing in popularity now, but in 2016 they will explode! FIrst off, vibrant, strong impactful colours making their own full-on statement; secondly, and particularly for upgrading simple blondes, there will be much more demand for these crazy, lightweight, interchangeable pastels we've been seeing this summer. As regards cut, it'll compliment an explosion in style which will take on the form of non-permanent hair transformations.

Why did you choose Madrid as the destination for this year's Global Gathering?
(John Paul DeJoria) We've been playing with the idea of bring our Global Gathering to Europe for a number of years now. We chose Spain because we happened to be in Madrid for a training session a while back and we were totally blown away by both the facilities and in particular the enthusiasm and helpfulness of the Spanish people. The final decision was fairly spontaneous in the end - we all looked at each other and said: "let's do it!".

What territories in the globe are really exciting for you?
(Robert Cromeans) All of Europe and, of course, the UK - the creativity of hair professionals over here is awesome. Russia is also an exciting place for me - it's true to say that their creative development was so suppressed for so many years that now they can express themselves fully and freely we are seeing have seen an explosion in creativity.
(Stephanie Kocielski) From an educational perspective we all speak the same language - it's called the language of hair - on a global scale education grows and expands following different paths; there are different trenda in different countries and there are different way in which people become hairdressers. These factors need to be taken into account, but we now have a great international team of educators who can ensure that education comes up to the same standards globally - whether it's being taught in California or Columbia, we teach people to be successful! If I had to mention just one country where I'd love to to expand our educational programme, it'd have to be Australia - it's one of our target markets for Paul Mitchell Education, so watch this space!

Can you give us an insight into any new product launches that we can look forward to in the near future?
(Jason Yates) Upcoming product lines that are due to be launched include an incredible Tea Tree scalp hair range in 2016 to help prevent hair loss - not just for male pattern hair loss but also hair loss for other reasons like hormone imbalance during pregnancy, stress and atmospheric impacts such as pollution. We are always looking for niche product ideas which we can develop and evolve. (John Paul DeJoria) I just want to add that our philosophy is about answering the needs of absolutely everyone who comes to our door - our hair loss product will really go to the root of a really important problem. We call it the "reality of dreams" - every day making another dream a possibility!

In the USA you recently organised a huge event dedicated to business development and education called Business Revolution. What feedback can you give about it?
(John Paul DeJoria) I can honestly say that it's the best event of its kind that we have ever done and the feedback was brilliant. With Business Revolution we have the best management seminars because - we have a proven track record and we are a proving we are a game-changer with our commitment to help others realise their dreams. (Robert Cromeans) We have been presenting cut and colour seminars for years, but there is still a closed-mindedness in our industry when it comes to the business model, but Business Revolution was a breakthrough for us - we got countless standing ovations and the intensity during the actual was unbelievable - you could literally hear a pin drop.

Can you tell us your views on what's happening in the men's market?
(John Paul DeJoria) We're seeing a barbering epidemic, not only in terms of creativity but also in the number of visits that men are making to the salon. I'm loving what's happening in men's hair - the short undercut, the topknot that my son is currently wearing. Not so long ago our barbering role model was George Clooney - now look what's going on - men are having more fun with their hair and coming to the salon more often. Men are more vain than women - I'm telling you that as a fact! Above all from our point of view it's about creating that wonderful salon experience for men.

Takashi, we all know you as the Rockstar with Scissors, but could you possibly have a future in... colour!?
Cut and colour work together in harmony - they are inseparable! When I colour, it's a quiet, reflective time when I can think about cutting and styling the hair and the techniques I can present on-stage!

To see our full report on the Paul Mitchell Global Gathering in Madrid please click HERE

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Q&A at Global Gathering ‘15!

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