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Scene by Angelo Seminara

Hair: Angelo Seminara @Davines Styling: Niccolo Torelli Make-up: Daniel Kolaric Photos: Andrew O’Toole

Scene, the latest collection for Davines by Angelo Seminara, is a journey to a place where the past meets up with the future to create the contemporary.

The clean, minimalist architectural vignettes of the early twentieth century are projected into an imagined future, evoked by geometric lights sculpting shapes and integrating three-dimensionality with colour.
Spontaneous looks characterised by small style touches enhance the purity of feminine beauty while giving it a futuristic touch.
DARK HALO: A cut from a geometric impression with a big, rounded fringe. The intensity of colour enhances the design, creating a futuristic look.
PURENESS: The fringe gives the look a gently androgynous appearance, while the back, fuller and more structured, gives a geometric touch.
CANDY COLOUR: An XXL fringe makes the headband modern and sparkling, while the light pastel tones on the platinum blonde give an unmistakable appearance to the look.
CLOUDY INFUSION: A "cloud" for this distinctive and trendy hair look, which encapsulates cut, texture and colour to create a style with unique appeal.
TOUGH & CHIC: Androgynous shapes are made softer by the purity of colour in this "untamed" look; refined, with a leaning towards distinctive self-confidence.
Hair: Angelo Seminara @Davines
Styling: Niccolo Torelli
Make-up: Daniel Kolaric
Photos: Andrew O’Toole

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Pubblicato il 13.10.2017


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