Sideburn fever hits the UK (maybe!)

Tour de France winner and multiple Olympic Winner, Bradley Wiggins sports a fashion statement reminiscent of fashions of the 60s - those sideburns!

It's not since the days of The Jam and The Clash in the late 70s that heavy sideburns were an 'en vogue' essential of men grooming. Is it possible that they're about to make a comeback? As Bradley Wiggins euphoria grips the nation this summer, let's just say anything is possible!

The Wella Studio in London has been focusing its attentions in the "Thank-You Mom" campaign during the Olympics, but that doesn't exclude the possibility of the odd additional service to pique the interest of the Dads! After a full day's work making our lady visitors look and feel beautiful, we grabbed Danish hairdresser and barbering expert, Kim Stender, to transform P&G guy and thoroughly good sport, Peter Walentine, à la Wiggins! See the before and after shots posted here.

"I used the Braun Head & Beard Shaver to trim down and shape Peter's week-long beard growth," explains Kim. "It's a very easy and versatile tool to use on both the head and the face - it's also very good for more intricate, accurate work like this, as well as for general trimming use".

Pubblicato il 03.08.2012

Kim Stender

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