That’s a Wrap - Unforgettable Farouk Cancun 2015 Global Conference!

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Estetica USA was there every step of the way at Farouk Cancun 2015 Global Conference and shares with you today’s brilliant Color Show – The Art of Color Comes Alive, where the brand took advantage of the undeniable talent of Farouk Systems' international artists.

Estetica had exclusive, real-time, behind-the-curtain coverage on all our social media and even LIVE STREAMING to keep our readers up to date on all events for those who could not make it!

The Color Show was the giant bow that wrapped this giant gift of a conference that Farouk Systems gave to the whole beauty industry. Award winning stylists dispersed Farouk knowledge to all corners of the beauty world by presenting their salon’s secrets with the brand and expertise to stylists from all over the world at this event. Creating an exceptional experience, Farouk artists highlighted their unique perspectives and progressive style. The show presented onstage Richard Jordan, Farouk Systems Global Color Director (The Netherlands), Igor Popovs, International Colorist of the Year (Latvia), and amazing Australian colorists Lee Nesbitt & Andrew Voya.

Celebrity Stylist Panel, hosted by Lisa Marie Garcia, Farouk Systems VP of Shows & Education, included James Crawford, who has been in the hit shows, 'Shear Genius' and 'Project Runway', as well as Patrick Kilian, whose work is seen on 'Scandal', 'True Blood', '90210' and other well-known broadcasts. If you did not, or can not, get a chance to escape to the hot spicy lands of Cancun, then check out the gallery below for some of the creative visuals that surrounded this event!

This unforgettable conference started Friday night and Saturday morning with a star-studded performances followed by the General Session, where the legendary Farouk Shami and his son, Basim Shami, celebrated the 50th anniversary of Farouk in the hairdressing industry. Click here to check out the gallery for some of the creative visuals taken on the scene Friday and Saturday!

Sunday was a day of focus and festivities, starting the day with classes, courses and seminars. Attendees got what they went to Cancun to do; learn everything they can from the pros followed by a dinner and a nightlight gala. The highlight of the elegant ordeal was the Global Runway Show and the award ceremony, where General Manager for Estetica USA, Sergi Bancells, represented the whole Estetica International Network and granted Mr. Farouk Shami a glistening award in honor of Farouk’s 50 years in the hairdressing industry. Click here to check out the gallery for some of the creative visuals taken on the scene Sunday!

Monday night we were able to catch the Student Hair Show, where were got a glimpse of the evolution of hair and trends as the new generation of stylists took the stage to show off their creations. Student Winners of the Battle of the Strands and skilled students from CHI Partnered Schools in New York and Arizona created some extraordinary hairfashion works on stage.

Farouk Cancun 2015 Global Conference was really an unforgettable event... can't wait for the next one!

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Pubblicato il 24.09.2015

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