The 2020s with Angelo Seminara |

The 2020s with Angelo Seminara

The 2020s with Angelo Seminara

A glimpse into the future with Davines Artistic Director. The 2020s to be interpreted on the stage of Estetica Master Parade by Cosmoprof.

On 19th March 2017 Angelo Seminara will be one of the 8 Master Stylists of international renown to walk the stage of Estetica Master Parade by Cosmoprof to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the beauty fair that takes place in Bologna, Italy.

Each stylist was asked to interpret a decade from the 1960s to the future with the years 2020. As a trendsetter and creative genius, the Artistic Director of Davines will interpret “The 2020s”.

“We are an incredibly lucky generation, in that we are living in a period of intense progress and change. Technology will forever change our working methods and lifestyle, what we wear, our appearance and what we do,” explains Angelo Seminara.

“Digital development, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, robots… the interaction of science with art and fashion will trigger the incredible. What the future holds in store is unknown and unimaginable. We are living in the heart of change, in a world where transformation is lighting fast. Whatever the future holds, I think it will be oriented towards convenience: things will be easier, more accessible, and personalised.”

“Probably there will be less human interaction and more interaction with computers. For example, nowadays artificial intelligence is used above all in messaging. Burberry, Nordstrom, Tommy Hilfiger and Sephora are only some of the fashion and beauty companies that are experimenting with “chatbots”. But what might still happen in the future? Where will these tools bring us?” continues Angelo.

When it came to the hair, I ignored gravity, creating static looks that float freely in every direction as if they were in water, like patterns in 3D colour that trick the idea and pique curiosity. But my mind never stops and the impossible ideas that take shape in my imagination could create as technology advances, perhaps thanks to the development of a product that transforms hair into a completely different material to be moulded?”

“Even if some people fear the future, we artists should be full of enthusiasm for its potential. It is incredibly exciting to think that the things we see in science fiction films, like Avatar, might actually happen. Who knows… one day we might have a sort of comb that changes the hair colour of our clients, simply by running it through their hair from the roots to the tips; or maybe I could be catapulted from a drone directly to the podium in a salon to present a show Star Trek style! I only hope that my creative gene remains fully active during the next decade to capture every opportunity to create something that today seems totally impossible.”

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Pubblicato il 16.03.2017

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