The collections of Angelo Seminara |

The collections of Angelo Seminara

The collections of Angelo Seminara

An itinerary among the works of Angelo Seminara, Artistic Director of Davines, three-time winner of the British Hairdresser of the Year Award and twice winner of the Gran Trophy AIPP Award.

That of Angelo Seminara is an aesthetic profoundly linked to nature. A study that focuses especially on colour, but not only. Angelo has always been inspired by details stolen from landscapes: the brilliant and full-bodied colours of tropical flowers, the plumage of certain birds, the coats of some wild animals. Flashes of inspiration that are then elaborated and transformed into marvellous textures, true chromatic challenges that push his professional skills to the limit.

To complete the poetry of his creations ishis fascination with geometry, order, and symmetry. A perfect contrast with thelightness of his textures and his volumes, combined with ethereal and unusual colours.

All these characteristics of his opus are the reason why he has become a point of reference for international hairdressing, strengthened by widespread connections with the world of art and design.

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Pubblicato il 28.10.2016

Collections - Angelo Seminara

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