The Eighties with Tony Rizzo

The Eighties with Tony Rizzo

The 1980s is the theme that the founder of Sanrizz will interpret on the stage of Estetica Master Parade by Cosmoprof next 19 March 2017.

Tony Rizzo will be one of the stars of Estetica Master Parade by Cosmoprof, the show that celebrates the 50th anniversary of the fair dedicated to beauty. The appointment is in Bologna, Italy on 19th March 2017.

The founder and CEO of Sanrizz will interpret the theme of the Eighties, a period when the hairstylist himself created the Alternative Hair Show.

“The eighties are remembered as a period of maxi hairdressing, of eccentric colours, voluminous curls, and extra doses of mousse, gel, and hairspray,” observes Tony Rizzo. “At that time I had the idea to create a new hair show with the objective of collecting funds help the fight against leukaemia. Back then fashion was influenced by ‘power dressing’ and Princess Diana became the icon of style for that decade. Since then, the Alternative Hair Show has become an international event that has collected more than 10 million pounds. This year, we are celebrating its 35th anniversary.”

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Pubblicato il 17.03.2017

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