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Trend Alert HOW-TO: mixed artificial texture

Hair/Sam Villa ArTeam; Photo/Katie Parker; Wardrobe/Brittany Hart; MUA/Nicole Schimel

"Layers of different textures and mixing fun prints had a strong presence on the runways, which of course will have a major influence on how we play with hair. There will be more artificial texture created with irons, mixed media almost, with braids and twists heightening the effect," explains Anna Peters, Sam Villa ArTeam.

The Sam Villa Signature Series Textur Professional Texturizing Iron is ideal for creating variations in texture and volume for these styles. Peters mixes smooth polished strands that sit upon matte ripples of texture, with compact plats mixed in with full, relaxed, more deconstructed plats.

Mixed Artificial Texture

1. Prep hair with Redken Iron Shape 11 by misting evenly throughout dry hair. Using the Sam Villa Signature Series Textur Professional Texturizing Iron, create volume through out the crown, mid length and ends, leaving out the inch of hair around the hairline. Texture root area and down the mid length and ends by gently pressing iron together. Let cool and brush through. Watch how the volume grows!

2. Using the Sam Villa Signature Series Sleekr Professional Straightening Iron, smooth and polish the inch of hair surrounding the hairline.

3. Create a triangle section on the top of the head with a long tail comb, from the two recession areas to the high point of the head. Isolate with a clip.

4. On either side of the high point of the triangle, take a large section of hair and create a loose three-strand braid. Gently pull apart to expand and create volume. Secure with an elastic.

5. Taking a large triangle section on the sides of the head, create a loose two- strand twist directing it to the center back of the head. Gently pull to create fullness, and secure with an elastic. Cross over previous braid and secure with grips at the center back of head.

6. Smooth and loosely twist top triangle section back and secure with hairpins to maintain softness and secure into top braids.

7. Above left ear, create a tight three-strand braid and have it gently follow top of ear.

8. From center back, create a fishtail braid, secure ends with elastic.

9. Pull all remaining hair to a loose three-strand braid over left shoulder; gently pull apart to expand volume. Place fishtail over three-strand braid and secure with grips.

Hair: Sam Villa ArTeam
Photo: Katie Parker
Wardrobe: Brittany Hart
MUA: Nicole Schimel

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Pubblicato il 13.03.2019

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