Tag: haircollection

Captured Warrior by Mark Van Westerop

Inspired by the warriors and strong headmans of different cultures.

Rude Boy

Ritornano i ragazzi maledetti degli anni ’90 con la collezione modacapelli di Chris Foster.

Big Bridal Hair

Le trecce si inseriscono in modo armonico nelle acconciature tradizionali con la collezione di Love2braids.


Acconciature spensierate e boho, ma anche raccolti voluminosi da red carpet: un mix eclettico di hairlook by Sharon Blain.

Generation Z

Linee di taglio decise valorizzano le sfumature di colore nella collezione modacapelli di Rainbow Room International George Square Art Team.


Tagli versatili che si adattano alla personalità di ogni donna. By Laurent Voisinet.

Heads in Bloom

Il colore rende rock&glam gli hairlook della collezione di Vito Fraschilla.

Bridal Hairfashion by Raffel Pages

Sophisticated waves are complemented by harmonious crops; natural beauty subtly enhanced for the biggest of days.

The Legend - Don Hau

Massive voluminous hair art, outstanding textures and mesmerising sophistication.

New Hippy by Bomton Art Team

The hippy look of the 60s and early 70s was inspired by Indian and Oriental cultures. 

Factory Palace

Christophe-Nicolas Biot presents his collection Factory Palace, compiled for Italian brand, So Glam. Light and multi-faceted, this collection features female beauty at its most refined.


For this season, the new "CRUSH" collection pays tribute to multiple, evolutive and natural women. Rendez-vous blow of heart for this strong collection in metamorphosis, a real mixture of genres where everything becomes possible..

Classic Deluxe

Alessia Solidani's Bride and Couture Collection combines high-end luxury with pure simplicity.

Tribeat by Trizzi Team

Refined and elegant, the modern bride is reinvented in the daring Tribeat collection of the Trizzi Team.

Surfacing with Mio Sota

Surfacing, a NAHA winning collection with a difference – haunting, heartbreaking, moving, and empowering.

Beautiful Day

Beautiful Day tells of an escape into nature, where sun and beauty reign over sovereignty.

The Seen by The Haus Salon Creative Team

The Haus Salon Creative Team's goal with this collection was to capture the spirit of the Unisex trend that's happening in fashion and create Unisex hairstyles that don't compromise beauty or self expression.

Ammality By Bruno Barbeyrol & Zak Bertrand

A breathtaking approach to haircutting precision! Ammality is a futuristic variation of the classical haircuts that have stood the test of time. You have the long-layered hair, a short fringed pixie, and a bob.


The inspiration for this hair collection is the iconic CMYK colour model -  cyan to magenta, from yellow to black. 


An explosion of colour spearheads this collection by concept. Dedicated to the strong and free-spirited woman, it also envelops a sense of romanticism.

New Allure

Colour contrasts, chic styling and refined textures: The New Allure collection by Unali Arthairstyle re-interprets unusual styles while making them accessible to all. 

Unified by Trevor Sorbie Artistic Team

Shot outside using sunlight, natural makeup and very minimal retouching, discover a collection of individual ideas that would be “Unified” by the simple photography style that allows the hair to be the focus.

Inzect by SHY+FLO

This collection leads to a creepy place, probably an old house or some sort of ruin with strange inhabitants...

Flower Bomb!

Carefree, irreverent and fresh: tones of copper, honey and russet brown are enhanced by soft styling and a suggestion of warm summer sunlight.

Cobra Serpent by David Barron

Inspired by Cobra snakes – the texture of the skin, the intertwining of the tails and the hood that encompassed the cobra’s face were influences in both shape and texture.

Let's Party with Ziortza Zarauza

Hairstyles for most rockin' party ever! The collection of Ziortza Zarauza is dedicated to the crazy night out, set off by a touch of teen rock.


Colourful, Alive! The new collection from Eric Maurice comes to break with all cliches, presenting colourful and stylish fashion trends.


The Jade Collection by Laurent Decreton invites you on a journey of elegance and spontaneity, flanked in the magic of pastel shades.

Writhe by é Salon Artistic Team

“Writhe” is inspired by black and red art, in particular the abstract artworks of artist Russell Mills.

Dandy Signature by Raphaël Perrier

For a bold, sensual and fascinating style, the Raphaël Perrier woman embodies elegant beauty – alluring waves with classic cutting lines, enhanced by different haircoloring techniques, from the most natural to the most daring.