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Salon Collection

Il Trevor Sorbie Artistic Team ha realizzato una collezione di acconciature in grado di interpretare le differenti tipologie di personalità e adatte a tutte le tipologie di capello.

Unified by Trevor Sorbie Artistic Team

Shot outside using sunlight, natural makeup and very minimal retouching, discover a collection of individual ideas that would be “Unified” by the simple photography style that allows the hair to be the focus.

Flawless by Mai Ha @ Trevor Sorbie Artistic Team

A journey into the world of impeccable hairdressing by the talented Mai Ha @ Trevor Sorbie Artistic Team. 


Il Trevor Sorbie Artistic Team rende omaggio all’individualità.


Scacchi, pois e riflessi argentati: la collezione di Trevor Sorbie fa coesistere texture e colori diversi.

Cohesion by the Trevor Sorbie Art Team

The contrasting lengths, shapes and textures of each idea is brought together by the cohesive colors that flow through the hair, background and styling of each image.